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My Anxiety Coping Strategies

HI YOU LOVELY LOT! So, it’s World Mental Health Day today! I think it’s bloody awesome that slowly but surely the taboo surrounding mental health and talking about it is being broken down. The more we talk about our mental health issues, the less scary and unmanageable they will seem so it’s time to open our gobs and shout about what’s going on in our busy brains! When I wrote this piece about my own personal Anxiety Goblin (he’s a real piece of work I tell  ...

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Be Cute To Yourself

Few weeks ago I wrote a post about my ongoing battle with anxiety and depression (which, by the way THANKS BABES for responding so well to it. You’re all really fit xxx) and WOAH MAMA my little anxiety goblin has been GOING OFF ON ONE recently. A few comments from folk about my seemingly never-ending single status, my body clock tick-tocking t’wards 30 and not having a ‘back-up’ career combined with a busy work schedule with no real time to myself has left me feeling  ...

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