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30 Things Twentysomethings Miss About University

Ordering a cider and black or a snakebite with zero shame. And it not costing a fiver (YES LONDON I’M LOOKING AT YOU) Merrily whinging about having to read all day. Mate, what I wouldn’t do just to be able to read all day now. (And by read, I don’t mean just refreshing Buzzfeed YES EVERYONE SUPPOSED TO BE DOING WORK I’M LOOKING AT YOU.) Wearing elaborate, slutty fancy dress outfits with zero shame. “YEP THE SHORTER THE BETTER! OH wait you can see my knickers?  ...

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a note on being brave

It’s my birthday this week chums. I’m now officially in the autumn season of my twenties. Recently, I’ve been having a bit of a rough time. Work has been rubbish, creativity has been stunted, my heart has been bruised yet again, everything felt so viciously turbulent yet also bizarrely stagnant and I started to question what it was I was doing with my life. I said to myself, “Look. You are about to turn another year older. You have no money, no boyfriend, soon nowhere to live, no job, your  ...

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