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I think we’re okay.

As I write this, I’m whizzing past hills, seas and rivers on the 11am East Coast service from Edinburgh Waverley, due to arrive at London Kings Cross at 15.42. I’m on the way back from my annual jaunt to the Edinburgh Fringe. I’m exhausted, my throat and my purse are both very sore and I am pretty certain I have scurvy. However my brain and my heart are buzzing. For one week I have laughed until I ached, met lovely new friends and caught up with dear old ones and watched  ...

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things I have learnt about sex and dating

Thank god for Lena Dunham. The girl has arrived and shown how jolly difficult and perilous dating and sex can be in your twenties. I’m nearly 26 and have been single since I was 18. I’ve had my fair share of dating disasters. Some of them have been heart-breaking, some hilarious but they all have one thing in common. I HAVE LEARNT from them. I am A WISE WOMAN. Seriously. Here’s a few things I have so far learnt from me and my friends and our combined dating experiences. Dates are just an  ...

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