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Girl Myths Destroyed

Apparently us gals can be a mysterious breed and I’m all about sharing the wealth of knowledge. So, here’s a few answers to some burning questions posed by chaps I’m pals with, about us humans traditionally known as the ‘fairer sex’ (although if the person who’d coined that phrase saw a current picture of Matthew Lewis, it would probably be the other way round). 1. Why do girls take so long to get ready? Right, I mean, have you seen the shit we have to  ...

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Theatre Thought: ‘Titus Andronicus’ at The Globe

They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity and ever since Lucy Bailey’s production of Titus Andronicus opened at Shakespeare’s Globe it’ s been making theatrical headlines-mostly due to  the amount of audience members that have been collapsing at the sheer gore of it. With reports of audience members dropping like flies at Shakespeare’s bloodiest play, ticket sales have rocketed as folk flock to the wooden O to see if they can stand it themselves. Myself  ...

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