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Friday Feeling!

HOLY MACKEREL IT’S FRIDAY AGAIN! A whole weekend awaits for us to carpe the bloody diem and make terrible decisions and all that proverbial jazz. SO HEY here’s what has made the last two weeks a lovely sunshiney place to live (despite the vast amounts of rain and thunder- July, u ok hun?) A Cambridge Satchel  My Dad was a HUGE HUN and treated me to a proper Cambridge satchel. I have been LUSTING after one of these for god knows how long and when mine arrived in all it’s beaaaautifffulll  ...

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The Trading House

Arriving to the pub by a horse drawn old-fashioned omnibus was something of an experience. That’s legit what happened when I was invited to the Blogger Preview evening of new drinking hole, The Trading House slap bang in the middle of the City. Priding itself on a teeming gin menu, expertly blended cocktails, craft beers and a bloody good menu too, if the preview evening was anything to go by, this place is going to be a FAVE. It was a buff evening. We arrived at St Pauls station to  ...

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24 and a half hours in Amsterdam

How to spend 24 and a half hours in Amsterdam- A Guide by Bloody Hell Brennan Birdwatch Ride the tram Visit the Flower Market  Drink beer (obviously) Ponder a career in drug baroning Wear clogs Eat cheese (obviously)   Gaze at the street art Shop in the Western Canals Munch on huge sandwiches at Festina Lente Followed up with a trough of pancakes from The Happy Pig  Stroll around the hidden Begijnhof courtyard Practice your selfie skills before eating Ethiopian food with your hands at  ...

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NYC 3- New York, New York, A Wonderful Town

We’d been so lucky with the weather during our stay in the Big Apple, but sadly, that dream died a wet soggy death on Saturday morning. Rain pelted down and the streets were grey and full of puddles. Good then, that this was the morning I chose to go and queue for matinee tickets at TKTS. I got really wet (and not in the good way wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy). So to dry off, we decided to go to a New York institution for some good old-fashioned NY Brunching. BALTHAZAR. I’ve  ...

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