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Top Five: Reasons why January is gash

It’s true, Christmas is finally over. The naked, shedding trees have been slung shivering to the kerb, the fairy has been packed up in the loft to once again rub shoulders with the old rocking horse and rusty, dusty exercise bike and even the Bountys have been eaten from the celebrations tin. The glitter has faded from the hootenanny of the 31st and January has reared up at us like a velociraptor with PMT. It’s not the greatest month in the world let’s be honest.  ...

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2013- this is what you looked like

2013 is about to down a shot, turn around and walk out the door without so much as a backward glance and a tip of the hat to us all. This past year has been a a bit ¬†of a jolly funny one. This is what it looked like. a celebration of two years of my beloved book club, The Bookie Monsters (I know). Those ladies make me so happy and for one Sunday afternoon a month we get together and shout and laugh and drink and discuss words, books and life. Never have I met a group of more ballsy, gobby,  ...

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