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‘IT’ by Alexa Chung. It’s not very good.

Alexa Chung, the girl-next-door-come-fashion-icon, famous for her Peter Pan Collar fetish more so than her TV presenting career has written a book. I use the word ‘written’ in the loosest sense of the word I might add, because having picked it up and flicked through it, I was gobsmacked at its arrogant shoddiness. I am but a humble, nobody blogger who has never been, and probably never will be ¬†celebrated as a ‘fashion icon’¬†(given my penchant for still slumming  ...

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Top 5: Roald Dahl Books

Given that today is the Official Roald Dahl Day, I thought this would be a good time to do my top five wondercrump Roald Dahl reads. JOIN ME WON’T YOU. When I was in my final year of my English Lit degree at University (of Birmingham- big up the brum WHEYYYYYYY), I specialised in Children’s Literature. This basically meant I didn’t have to read any Jane Austen (and oh how I whooped. I know she’s kind of a big deal and everything but she’s a bit bonnet-y and  ...

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