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Zappshot- A handy tool for Actors

It’s certainly true that the internet and mobile apps specifically are continuing to storm ahead in the way in which they now┬árule our lives. We now use apps to date, to order pizza, to shop and for entertainment. SO SURELY there must be something out there to help struggling actors and make their lives a bit easier AMMA RIGHT LAYDEEZ? Someone showed me this week a new app technology which looks set to do just that. It’s called Zappshot, and here’s the deal. You have a  ...

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a resting actor’s response to ‘Is acting today just too tough’?

There’s an article that is doing the rounds at the moment. A very insightful, very depressing article. It’s about being an actor and how blooming tough it is. I’ve posted it here and you should probably read it if you’re an actor, or have any interest in understanding showbusiness. “The cruellest aspect of the acting business is not that it’s unfair, but that it’s merely indifferent. It gives everything to some and nothing to others; talent,  ...

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