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Classics on the Common and why Hobbies are COOL

My Summer has officially started. I had my last day at my current temp job last week, and once the clock hands tick-tocked onto 5pm, I swept all my stuff off my desk, jumped on it, flashed the office and started popping and locking to ‘School’s Out’ by Alice Cooper. (Well, sort of, what I ACTUALLY did was bring in cookies and cakes in the hope that they’ll hire me back in other times of non-acting-work-need, but that’s what I was doing in my head.) So, I headed  ...

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URGENT: find what you’re brilliant at.

Last week I was a proud part of a wonderful community arts event, which, by a happy coincidence was in my home-town. Luton gets a jolly bad rap a lot of the time. It’s a bit grey, a bit ugly, a bit chavvy and seems to only make the news during reports about gangs, terrorism or being Britain’s Shittest Town (2004). BRILL. Growing up there, however, I seemed to never really notice. What was apparent for me about my home-town was the thriving Am-Dram community. Go ahead, mock am-dram all you  ...

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a note on being brave

It’s my birthday this week chums. I’m now officially in the autumn season of my twenties. Recently, I’ve been having a bit of a rough time. Work has been rubbish, creativity has been stunted, my heart has been bruised yet again, everything felt so viciously turbulent yet also bizarrely stagnant and I started to question what it was I was doing with my life. I said to myself, “Look. You are about to turn another year older. You have no money, no boyfriend, soon nowhere to live, no job, your  ...

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