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A Family Trip to NYC

AHOY THERE FRIENDS. Been a while hasn’t it?! Soz about that, was busy living it up in the Big Apple then I was poorly and it’s taken me a while to get back to life. I’m juggling a bunch of jobs at the moment and trying to see people before I sell my soul to Panto-Land for another festive season so yeah, ¬†things are a little bit hectic rn. BUT thought I’d share some of the antics we got up to in NYC a couple of weeks ago! It was a proper family get-together. Me, Mum,  ...

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Friday Feeling!

THE SUN IS SHINING! JUNE IS FINALLY BUSTING OUT ALL OVER! Thank duck for that. Guys, I’ve had a MANIC couplea weeks. It’s been utterly swell. Here’s what’s made the world a GLORIOUS place to live in the last fortnight. Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies I whipped up a batch of these DELICIOUS TREATS in a bid to WIN a competition on World Gin Day in association with Fever Tree, The East London Liquor Company and Zomato. Show me some love on Twitter using the hashtag #GinFever  ...

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NYC 3- New York, New York, A Wonderful Town

We’d been so lucky with the weather during our stay in the Big Apple, but sadly, that dream died a wet soggy death on Saturday morning. Rain pelted down and the streets were grey and full of puddles. Good then, that this was the morning I chose to go and queue for matinee tickets at TKTS. I got really wet (and not in the good way wheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy). So to dry off, we decided to go to a New York institution for some good old-fashioned NY Brunching. BALTHAZAR. I’ve  ...

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NYC 2- I’m an EnglishWoman in New York…

As we awoke on our second full day in the Big Apple, we were greeted by another GLORIOUS SPRING DAY. I hate to sound so stereotypically British, gabbing on about the weather, but given that the week before NYC had been in BLIZZARD conditions, we were jolly lucky indeed. We decided to make the best of the blue skies and winking sun by hopping on a boat to take in the skyline from the water and give a tip of our hats to Lady Liberty herself. So, I know you’ve all seen pictures of the  ...

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