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Michael Morpurgo on War Horse at the New London Theatre

Yesterday I wrote about The Play That Goes Wrong being the perfect show to take reluctant theatre-goers to due to the guaranteed belly laughs. As a more serious option, the other go-to choice I recommend whenever people ask me what THE RUDDY HELL to see, is always War Horse. I’m yet to meet anyone that’s seen War Horse who doesn’t speak about the show without going a bit gooey and misty-eyed. It’s just beautiful. The story of young Albert who follows his beloved  ...

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I’m giving writing a book a go…because why not eh?

Hello lovely blog readers! The saying goes that everyone has a book inside them, and so over the past  6 months or so I’ve been attempting to give writing one a bit of a stab. As is common with all creative endeavours, I’ve hit somewhat of a rut, a stubborn writer’s block that I’m having trouble shifting, so thought I’d bung down a rough version of one chunk of it on here in the hope of receiving any constructive feedback or criticism that may help tackle or  ...

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