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Friday Feeling!

AHHH SALAAM AND GOOD EVENING TO YOU WORTHY FRIEND! Hope you’ve had a totally splendid couplea weeks. I DID BECAUSE I WENT TO NEW YORK! And my god, it was magnificent. I’ll obvvvv be writing more about the Big Apple Adventure in a separate post or two but BESIDES gallivanting around the East Coast, here’s the shiz that made the last two weeks lovely. Gin Blog One drizzly Saturday night, two life-loving blogging gals got together to film a Vlog. Said ladies were ME and  ...

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Memphis at the Shaftesbury Theatre

WELL THIS IS THE BEST SHOW IN TOWN AT THE MOMENT! I’ve been desperate to catch Memphis ever since it opened to absolutely glittering reviews and just haven’t got round to it yet. BUT LADY LUCK OPENED HER HEART TO ME and threw me a very kind invite from the lovely folk at to attend the show as part of a ‘Girls Night’. So, I grabbed my best gal pal, and away we dashed down to the Shaftesbury Theatre. We were greeted by the friendly team from match, who  ...

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