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Theatre Thought: Shakespeare In Love at the Noel Coward

Last week I decided to make the most of my newly found (f)unemployment and trundle down to take in a midweek matinee. Is there a greater pleasure I ask you? Sneaking inside a theatre and nestling down among the red velvet to be entertained on a Wednesday afternoon whilst all around you harassed looking suits and court shoes run frantically into Pret to pick up their standard crayfish and rocket sandwich, before diving back into a board (bored) meeting all afternoon. Surely, the midweek  ...

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Tell People They’re Buff

Once upon a time there was a girl in Central London. She was confident in her abilities yet consistently unlucky in matters of the heart. She often felt pretty low about herself. One day, whilst she was wandering about her business, she crossed Covent Garden and a taxi driver wound down his window. “Alright love?” he yelled. She looked away with nervousness. He chuckled, “Dahn’t be scared, just wonnid ta say, you got beeyoutiffull eyes!” He looked at her  ...

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Song of the Single Girl: Still Single

Well greetings to you my lovely blog readers. How are you? Oh good, I’m so glad. Yes, I’m fine actually, trundling along nicely up in panto-land, inhaling glitter stage left, right and centre and brushing up my OH NO WE DON’T’s wonderfully! Now, if you’re a regular reader of this here blog, you’ll no doubt be aware that against ALL THE ODDS I am in fact still single. Some of you have read along with me as I navigate the treacherous world of Online  ...

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What I have learned about Online Dating

I’ve been single a long time right? So long in fact I wrote a show about it,¬†Song of the Single Girl¬†(making it’s return to the London scene soon watch this spaaaaace!). I’m pretty qualified at being single. I know how it works. There’s lots of things that perpetually single folk like me hate. One is the assumption that we’re all really depressed, watching Bridget Jones on repeat (I’m PRETTY SURE my face will never get eaten by an alsatian). Another is  ...

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