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La Belle Assiette

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (omg, thaaaanks I know I look v. good for my age) and to celebrate, I knew I wanted my faves around me, throwing back some booze and eating some delicious food. However, I don’t know about you, but as I get older I am less and less bothered about going out and making a big fuss of my birthday. I like to chat to my loved ones, eat and drink lovely things, and at the end of it all, either roll into bed or into an Uber home. Luckily, La Belle  ...

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Forty Dean Street

Roll up, roll up, I gots a tasty lil’ Italian eaterie for you, right in the heart of Soho to check out! Forty Dean Street has been open on, well, Dean Street (does what it says on the tin really) for TWENTY years and stone the crows, I’d never noticed it was there. WELL this all changed when I was invited down t’other week to check out their menu along with a bevy of other bloggers and instagrammers. Cold prosecco in hand, we sat down and obviously began taking photos of  ...

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The Ship Tavern

One of the things I love most about London is that we can drink in pubs that are older than the WHOLE of America. NUTS RIGHT! Nestled around Holborn there’s a whole gang of the oldest pubs in London which have been serving up pints of the frothy amber stuff to thirsty Londoners for hundreds of years. One of these little gems is The Ship Tavern. Unless you know it’s there, you wouldn’t be able to find this CRACKING boozer. It’s tucked round the back of Holborn  ...

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