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What even IS success?

Lots of big changes have happened over the last two years for me. I talked recently about how I’ve been feeling like a I need a new goal, a new project- and I still think that. However, I feel like only now is the dust from all those big changes starting to really settle, allowing me the space and time to analyse my feelings properly. One of the things that I’ve been thinking about most recently, is the concept of success. Guys, what even IS success? There is such a pressure to  ...

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So now what?

Oh HI GUYS! Been a bit quiet round this little corner of the web hasn’t it? Well, apolz for that but woah mama, I been BUSY AS TITS MATE. The last month has been the craaaaaziest one I can recall in forever- I’ve been working my full time job which is super busy at the moment, putting in Saturdays and Sundays to stage a full scale musical for my lovely theatre academy, and to top it all off, moving house too! Things are starting to slow down a little bit now, so I thought  ...

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Being Busy and Saying No

HI BABES you may have noticed things round here have been a little on the quiet front. Truth is, I’m struggling a wee bit. When you’re freelance, and from my own experience, freelance in the arts, you end up saying YES to every opportunity and job that comes your way. This is in part because a lot of those opportunities help to build your CV and are actually really great and interesting, but it’s mainly because you’re never really quite sure where the next pay cheque is coming from, and  ...

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2013- this is what you looked like

2013 is about to down a shot, turn around and walk out the door without so much as a backward glance and a tip of the hat to us all. This past year has been a a bit  of a jolly funny one. This is what it looked like. a celebration of two years of my beloved book club, The Bookie Monsters (I know). Those ladies make me so happy and for one Sunday afternoon a month we get together and shout and laugh and drink and discuss words, books and life. Never have I met a group of more ballsy, gobby,  ...

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