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Year Out Drama Company- A very special thing indeed

Last week I had the utter privilege to jaunt up to that hallowed theatrical haven, lovely old Stratford-Upon-Avon to work with the Year Out Drama Company. I spent a year here in 2005-2006 in that odd inbetweeny stage, too cool for school and too bewildered for the actual world. I knew I wanted to do SOMETHING DRAMA BASED but was totally lost and unsure what that was. I lacked also the wanderlust streak that so many of my friends had- the thought of bedding down in some scorpion-infested  ...

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Museum Musing: The Museum of London

How to enjoy a Sunday at the Museum of London by Katie Brennan feat. Ed Nightingale 1. Grab a loved one and a blustery Autumn day. Take a leisurely stroll from Barbican Station to The Museum of London. 2. Act like a total touristy wally 3. Start at the beginning. It’s a well good place to start. The Museum of London documents the history of this bafflingly brilliant city from prehistoric times right up to the present day. Located on London Wall it nestles on the edge of the earliest  ...

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URGENT: find what you’re brilliant at.

Last week I was a proud part of a wonderful community arts event, which, by a happy coincidence was in my home-town. Luton gets a jolly bad rap a lot of the time. It’s a bit grey, a bit ugly, a bit chavvy and seems to only make the news during reports about gangs, terrorism or being Britain’s Shittest Town (2004). BRILL. Growing up there, however, I seemed to never really notice. What was apparent for me about my home-town was the thriving Am-Dram community. Go ahead, mock am-dram all you  ...

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