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La Belle Assiette

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago (omg, thaaaanks I know I look v. good for my age) and to celebrate, I knew I wanted my faves around me, throwing back some booze and eating some delicious food. However, I don’t know about you, but as I get older I am less and less bothered about going out and making a big fuss of my birthday. I like to chat to my loved ones, eat and drink lovely things, and at the end of it all, either roll into bed or into an Uber home. Luckily, La Belle  ...

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Eats and Drinks

A Private Chef at Home

I love hosting dinner parties. They are probably the only ‘adult’ thing I’m pretty sure I do well. Having a bunch of loved ones, sat round my table I am in my element, sloshing more wine into their glasses and insisting on giving everyone second helpings. I’m pretty well versed at choosing my dinner party menus carefully- I mean, I’ve watched 539749747 episodes of Come Dine With Me, so I know that you need a balance between spending time with your guests, and  ...

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