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La Pescheria, Catania

31 years old, obsessed with pasta and yet I’d never been to Italy. I know, criminal right? Well all that CHANGED a couple of months ago with, what was probably, one of the best trips of my life. Remember when we met an amazing Sicilian chef, Matteo, who came to cook for us courtesy of La Belle Assiette? Well, he invited us out to his digs in Catania and promised to show us a WHOLE NEW WORLD of culinary delights. And man, he did not disappoint. Catania is on the Ionian coast of Sicily,  ...

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Aperol Spritz

WELL HELLOOOOO my little chickadees! Apologies for the silence over here at BHB, I have been up to my TITS in work and gigs and shows and teaching (and holidaying in Cornwall, oh wait, sorry about me) so expect a FLURRY of posts as I update my little corner of the www with what I’ve been up to. Obviously the weather has just turned (my god my nipples nearly fell off today when I went outside) and we are on the CUSP of the festive season (that’s right we’re not QUITE there  ...

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