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Couchella at Habitat

Well, the sun has begun to shine, the wild flowers are in bloom and pub gardens are slowly starting to fill up. This can only mean one thing- festival season will soon be upon us! I won’t lie- I’ve never actually been to  festival. I know it makes me sound like a spoiled little princess but I just hate camping. The whole idea of being DAMP all the time…nah, that is not for this hun. Luckily, last week home store haven Habitat had me covered when I went along to their  ...

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The Other Duckling

It can be jolly difficult to really put your stamp on your home when you’re renting, can’t it? Given that London rental prices continue to swell and groan, the idea of actually BUYING somewhere to live is fast becoming an actual dream for us young Londoners. And so we continue to make our bank balances roll their eyes in despair as we shell out yet more astronomically hight rent for somewhere that doesn’t actually belong to us. All this means of course, that it can be  ...

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