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My Mooncup Runneth Over

THAT’S RIGHT KIDS. MOONCUPS.   So straight up: in this post I’m going to be talking about periods and bleeding and reusable menstrual cups and well, if that’s just really not your vibe then feel free to leave now. BYE!         For those of you who stayed WELCOME. hahahahaha those losers who left don’t know what they’re MISSING! So, I wanted to write a post about Mooncups for two reasons: I am a recent convert and I LOVE IT AND I NEED TO  ...

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10 Empowering Practices to BOSS Your Anxiety

HAPPY MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK MY DARLINGS! Hope you’re all treating yourselves and your lovely barmy brains with kindness and love and helping to break down the taboos and stigmas surrounding mental health illnesses everywhere. Me? Well, truth be toldĀ I’M HAVING A RIGHT OLD TIME OF IT. I have felt pretty gosh darn low for no obvious reason for the last few weeks. I’ve been super tearful and emotional, have felt a complete lack of confidence and to top it all off  ...

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Cancer- A Real Pain in the Tit

This is my best friend Izzy. She’s 28, she likes craft beer, classical music and cricket. Last month, another thing beginning with ‘C’ made an entrance into her life, albeit a very unwelcome one. After discovering a lump in her boob, Izzy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She asked if she could write a few guest posts on this old blog as a way of venting, explaining and processing everything, and so here’s the first.  ...

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Feel-Good, Lifestyle

Let’s Get Comfortable Talking About Female Health (and a Giveaway!)

Right, let’s talk about vaginas for a minute shall we? Sorry lads, this one is for the CHICAS! I recently had a spot of bother ‘down there’, which PRAISE BE is all cleared up now. It was totally out of the blue, nothing I’d caused from being promiscuous (chance’d be a fine thing) and it was nothing serious and super easy to treat. BUT it was also painful, uncomfortable and made me feel SOOOOO EMBARRASSED AND UNCLEAN X 100000. So I decided to write a blog about  ...

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