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Keep fanning it folks xxxx

You know what? Sometime life in your twenties is crap. It lulls you into a false sense of security. Everything seems great, you’re saying yes to stuff, things seem to finally be on the right path, things are falling into your lap and you think ‘YES! All this time I’ve spent doubting myself and my life is worth it because finally things seems steadier and happier!’ And then just as quickly you find yourself lost, still single,homeless, poorer than ever (even though  ...

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The Commandments of Adulthood

AND THE LORD TWENTYSOMETHING SPOKE UNTO THE MASSES, “THOU SHALT BE AN ADULT WHEN THOU ABIDEST BY THESE COMMANDMENTS.” Thou shalt know the precise location of thine counterpart driving licence. Thine medicine cabinet containeth more than just a box of Disney princess plasters and four half empty tubes of Berocca. Thou knowest how to fold a fitted sheet without having to look it up on YouTube. Thou maketh an ‘oof’ sound when thou sitteth downeth. Thou shalt no longer  ...

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some people who are fanning the shit out of life

I was scrolling through my facebook and twitter feeds t’other day, and it suddenly struck me what a web of creative and wonderful people I know, who are grabbing life by the balls and MAKING STUFF, putting in some graft and reaping the benefits. I felt such a glow of pride and pretty inspired, I wanted to punch the air and LEAP shouting “YES YOU BRAVE BITCHES.” I didn’t though because I was in the office. So I thought I’d do a shoutout for some of them, and  ...

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