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Cooking with Marley Spoon

I really love cooking. Especially for other people. In a lot of ways, cooking is a lot like performing. You put together your show, present it to an audience and if it’s good, they make appreciative noises and if you’re lucky you might even get a round of applause at the end. But with every good will in the world, sometimes cooking just isn’t that practical. Especially in these busy whirlwind lives that my chums and I all seem to lead. Sometimes we’re lucky if we  ...

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On Women

We do not all have huge, voluminous hair. We do not all have HD brows. We don’t all have smooth skin, free of wrinkles and spots and blemishes. Our eyelashes are not all sweeping and long. Our noses are not always perfectly buttony and our lips are not always beestung and full. Our cheeks don’t always have a natural pink flush, nor are we all always a perfect flattering shade of tan. We do not all have symmetrical ‘beautiful’ faces. We do not all have beautiful  ...

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Girl Myths Destroyed

Apparently us gals can be a mysterious breed and I’m all about sharing the wealth of knowledge. So, here’s a few answers to some burning questions posed by chaps I’m pals with, about us humans traditionally known as the ‘fairer sex’ (although if the person who’d coined that phrase saw a current picture of Matthew Lewis, it would probably be the other way round). 1. Why do girls take so long to get ready? Right, I mean, have you seen the shit we have to  ...

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Fright Night- ‘Ghost Stories’ at The Arts Theatre

TALLY HO YOU MASSIVE BABES! Time for another guest post, courtesy of my chum Victoria Savva. This time, I sent her along with our other pal Abbie  to attend a special Halloween themed event in the hope they might find love (or you know, at least get a bit of action). Here’s how it went down. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   Three of the most terrifying words in the Oxford  ...

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