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Things Actors Will Never Say

“Can’t wait to renew my Spotlight! It’s so purse friendly and cheap!” “Oh yeah, I’ve been a full member of Equity since I graduated and have never missed my membership renewal.” “I really wish Equity wouldn’t send me that diary every year, it’s rubbish.” “What’s a Strallen?” “I find having new headshots taken a really stress free and easy process.” “I think they should limit the amount of  ...

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21 Reasons it’s GREAT to be British

April the 23rd always strikes me as a most glorious day to celebrate being British. St Georges Day and William Shakespeare’s Birthday, two absolute lads of British history and identity. Something that truly makes me deeply sad is how many people don’t feel patriotic about being British, and more specifically English. A lot of my friends admit to feeling that way, that they feel that Brits have a bad reputation and to celebrate being from the UK is a bit embarrassing- again more  ...

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Top Five

Top Five: Rik Mayall Moments

What a sad, sad day. We wave farewell to one of the most bonkers and brilliant actors of our time, the incomparable Rik Mayall. Shouty and sweary, blustery and often a bit swoony Mr Mayall made me chuckle and giggle in the naughtiest way as I grew up. So here’s my top five favourite moments of his. 1. Bottom (1991) Mayall and Edmonson as the terrible twosome Eddie and Ritchie, spending their days shouting and beating each other up in the grubbiest flat in Hammersmith made for  ...

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You will only make it as an Actor if…

You will only make it as an actor if: • You know how to respond to the following sounds without even blinking: zip, zap, boing. • You have two interesting facts about yourself up your sleeve to whip out in case you ever hear the dreaded words “Okay we’re going to go round the circle and introduce ourselves- say your name and two interesting facts about yourself.” Don’t say what you had for breakfast and what your mum’s name is, that’s shiiiiiiiit mate!  ...

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