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Dinner at The Vaults with Tabl

Sometimes I get stuck in a dinner rut. So often when I’m plotting with my pals where we should spend our hard earned pennies on dinner, we often end up in Pizza Express clutching a voucher, mainly due to lack of inspiration. However, this looks all set to change dramatically with the launch of! This awesome new website is THE website to visit to find pop-up restaurants and supper clubs, making booking a total breeze ensuring that you and your hungry chums slurp, sup and munch  ...

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Eats and Drinks, Eats and Drinks, Lifestyle

Making Mocktails with Appletiser

If you’ve recently watched our Gin in a Tin Review vlog or you know, you know me at all, you’ll know I do love a drink. I realise that makes me sound like an alcoholic but I’m not talking about swigging bottles of Special Brew out of brown paper bags, I’m talking about pints of cold cloudy cider in beer gardens and the tang of a well made gin and tonic. So last week when the lovely team at Appletiser were like, ” Hey babe, can we send you some stuff to make  ...

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Perched on the corner of Romilly Street and Greek Street, right in the heart of Soho lies Kettner’s. Adding to the salubrious history of Soho, Kettner’s comes equipped with its own tales of glitz and glamour. Originally opening as a restaurant back in 1867 by Auguste Kettner, (who just happened to be the chef to Napoleon III, casually) the list of the famous and fabulous who have supped, dined and danced here is truly amazing. Oscar Wilde was a huge fan and Agatha Christie and  ...

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