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7 Places to Eat and Drink in Brighton

The Mock Turtle Tucked just behind the sea front, you’ll find Brighton’s oldest tea shop. With the most droolworthy selection of homemade cakes in the window, luring in the passers by, and blue willow china adorning the walls and doilies scattered over the tables, this is the perfect slice of old-fashioned loveliness. Go for the Welsh rarebit, stay for the scones. And always go heavy on the clotted cream. East Street Tap For a little sprinkling of NYC attitude, head to East  ...

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The Yard Burger

BURGER FANS GATHER! Got an aaaabsolute treat for you. Now, if you haven’t already been to Shake Shack, WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?! Get your butt down there right now! And whilst you’re there, grab one of THESE beauties! For a limited time only The Yard Burger is available at Shake Shack. Lemme just talk you through what’s going on here. You got a soft, slightly sweet bun. Stuffed inside is a thick, juicy patty made fromĀ 100% Aberdeen Angus beef. Slammed on top of that is a  ...

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The Ship Tavern

One of the things I love most about London is that we can drink in pubs that are older than the WHOLE of America. NUTS RIGHT! Nestled around Holborn there’s a whole gang of the oldest pubs in London which have been serving up pints of the frothy amber stuff to thirsty Londoners for hundreds of years. One of these little gems is The Ship Tavern. Unless you know it’s there, you wouldn’t be able to find this CRACKING boozer. It’s tucked round the back of Holborn  ...

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Love Food, Hate Waste

At lunchtime at my primary school, we used to have to raise our hands before leaving the table. The dinnerladies would come and check our plates to make sure we’d eaten enough and that we weren’t wasting the grub on our plastic plates. Sometimes, I think we could do with a dinnerlady in our homes to help us with the amount of food wastage that goes on in the UK. The stats are ABSOLUUUUUTELY SHOCKING. Seven million tonnes of food gets thrown away from UK households because we  ...

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