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Sheba, Brick Lane

This year I decided to make a London Bucket list. Tired as I am of always thinking ‘I really should do that’, I wanted to make more of this GLORIOUS city and do more varied things. Given that I tend to eat out a lot, a lot of my London bucket list pertains to food. I wanted to be more adventurous and eat at more exciting places rather than just always grabbing sandwiches from Pret and downloading Pizza Express vouchers (but also I do love me a Calabrese sweet baby cheesus). One  ...

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East, Eats and Drinks, Eats and Drinks, Feel-Good, Lifestyle, London, Restaurants and bars

Little Nan’s Bar

All over London there are hidden gems. Little restaurants you may not have heard of, museums showcasing weird and wonderful items and bars that will serve you the world’s greatest alcoholic beverages in pretty much any receptable you can imagine. I’m super lucky that with this ‘ere blog I get to regularly exercise my curious nature and investigate lots of these sparkling big smoke diamonds. However, I feel like I peaked last week with a visit to Little Nan’s Rio Bar. Hidden away underneath  ...

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East, Eats and Drinks, Feel-Good, Lifestyle, London, Restaurants and bars

Shake Shack

London does a pretty good burger. Gone are the days are munching a sad, flaccid cheeseburger from Maccy D’s, for now round every corner there seems to be a joint where you can grab a proper slab of quality meat (WHEYYYY), with a variety of toppings and usually wedged between some sort of toasted brioche bun. AND LONDON REJOICED FOR IT WAS GOOD. Shake Shack has long been on my list of wanton food lust, so when they invited me down to have a butchers at their new branch in Stratford I said no  ...

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‘The House of Mirrors and Hearts’ at The Arcola

It’s WELL cool to see people’s creative endeavours flourish and succeed. This new home-grown, British chamber musical first appeared on my radar back at the Edinburgh Festival in 2008. Since those humble beginnings, it’s been drafted, re-worked, workshopped and now appears in a lovely big two-act version at the Arcola Theatre. And there’s TONNES to celebrate here. The story is as jagged as the broken mirror shards that provide such a crucial plot point so early on.  ...

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