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Chic feat. Nile Rodgers at The Roundhouse

On Saturday I fulfilled a massive TICK off my wish-list- to see Chic live. Ever since I saw the footage of their Glastonbury set in 2013 (I have actually never been to a music festival because I have a deep set fear of camping and portaloos. AREN’T YOU JUST WET ALL THE TIME?!) I have harboured a burning desire to see them play live. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING I DREAMED OF AND MORE! Turning up at Camden’s Roundhouse, I met my friend Hannah, who gleefully informed me that she was  ...

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A Tune for Tuesday

Something I feel we all need on a Tuesday is a massive big old tune to bright the week. We all know that Tuesday is the worst day of the week due to my guide right? No?! Well here’s the guide to refresh you: This is how we should think of the working week. Monday- don’t be grumpy, we’ve just had the weekend so lets not be greedy. Tuesday- the worst. Long slog to go until the weekend. Have some malteasers and power through. Wednesday lunchtime- WE’RE HALFWAY THROUGH  ...

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