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Friday Feeling, Lists

Friday Feeling!

HELLO CHUMS! Hope you’ve all had a bitching couple of weeks. I’m gonna endeavour to get back on track with these happy round-up posts because they make me smile and also Jasmin has started an awesome Happiness Link Up on her (brilliant) blog, and I WANNA BE IN WITH THE COOL KIDS. Here’s what’s made the last two weeks ACE. Back To School- Get me a pair of Kickers, a mini Nike rucksack and a rolled up skirt because in April, I’M GOING BACK TO SCHOOL. I’ve  ...

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Hobbies, Humour

I’m giving writing a book a go…because why not eh?

Hello lovely blog readers! The saying goes that everyone has a book inside them, and so over the past  6 months or so I’ve been attempting to give writing one a bit of a stab. As is common with all creative endeavours, I’ve hit somewhat of a rut, a stubborn writer’s block that I’m having trouble shifting, so thought I’d bung down a rough version of one chunk of it on here in the hope of receiving any constructive feedback or criticism that may help tackle or  ...

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