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Ben’s Canteen, Battersea

Love it or hate it Valentines Day is upon us. In truth, I’ve always loved Valentines Day because I’m a BIG SOPPY SOFTIE (even though lollllllllllllllll this is the first year ever I’ve had a boyfriend for it) but I do appreciate that others despise all the red hearts and pink satin. HOWEVER. The gorgeous Ben’s Canteen in Battersea has exciting menus that cater for all, whether you j’adore it or abhor it! Just a hop, skip and a jump from Clapham Junction  ...

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The Yard Burger

BURGER FANS GATHER! Got an aaaabsolute treat for you. Now, if you haven’t already been to Shake Shack, WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?! Get your butt down there right now! And whilst you’re there, grab one of THESE beauties! For a limited time only The Yard Burger is available at Shake Shack. Lemme just talk you through what’s going on here. You got a soft, slightly sweet bun. Stuffed inside is a thick, juicy patty made from 100% Aberdeen Angus beef. Slammed on top of that is a  ...

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Sushi, Burgers, and Smoothies

Recently, I’ve had the UTTER PLEASURE of attending a few little foodie events, which I thought I would share with you in one triple decker post, full of deliciousness and joy. Because you know, it’s Friday and I know you’re thinking about lunch already. For starters, I popped into Sushi Surprise for a little sushi demonstration from the masters at work there. Located sorta slap bang between Old Street and Shoreditch, this is takeaway sushi like I’ve never tasted.  ...

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Shake Shack

London does a pretty good burger. Gone are the days are munching a sad, flaccid cheeseburger from Maccy D’s, for now round every corner there seems to be a joint where you can grab a proper slab of quality meat (WHEYYYY), with a variety of toppings and usually wedged between some sort of toasted brioche bun. AND LONDON REJOICED FOR IT WAS GOOD. Shake Shack has long been on my list of wanton food lust, so when they invited me down to have a butchers at their new branch in Stratford I said no  ...

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