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Carved your pumpkin? Got your costume at the ready? Had the annual screening of Hocus Pocus? Well, in the case there’s only one thing left to do- curl up with a spooky tome by candlelight! Here’s my top ten best reads for you to sink your fangs into! Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. It’s a classic. It’s Gothic, Romantic and with a dash of the Science Fiction about it, this is a genre-blasting monster of a read. Plus, because I’m a sucker for an underdog, I always  ...

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Things to do in Melbourne

I HAVE FINALLY FINISHED EDITING MY AUSTRALIA PICTURES! What an Everest of a task. So I have been thinking about the best way to share my Aussie adventure- given that I was out there for so long if I were to post about each individual GLORIOUS day, we would be here forevs. So I’m going to treat you to two giant posts, one about things to do and one about things to eat and drink. SO HERE WE GO! I spent half my time there staying out with my family in the suburbs about an hour outside  ...

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Friday Feeling!

WELL DONE YOU MADE IT THROUGH ANOTHER WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK! Here’s what’s been good in mine this week. Craft Beer Rising– AH WHAT A FESTIVAL. This is the beer festival to end all beer festivals. Set in  the Old Truman Brewery there were over 150 independant brewers, all waiting to tout their wares onto us hop-loving huns. We supped, we slurped, we quaffed. BRILLIANT day. Book Club- Sunday morning saw my beloved book club meet for our months chatter about the novel  ...

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Book Nook: My All Time Favourite Children’s Books!

A little while ago I wrote a post about which books I’d class as my all time favourite reads. I decided not to include any kids books, mainly because I decided they deserved a whole post by themselves. The books I grew up loving, reading time and time again with thumbed corners and broken spines became like old friends, and are still the tomes I turn to when I want to read something comforting and familiar. I believe that the best children’s books are ones that can also be  ...

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