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Things you will only know if you’re a blogger

The importance of a perfect flat lay. And how it feels to nearly fall off a chair when you’re standing on it, trying to photograph the perfect flat lay. EFFORTLESSLY CHIC. Instagram filters?! HAHAHAHAHA VSCO Cam mate. Why fresh flowers (probably peonies), candles, copper homeware, rose gold jewellery and mini cacti are all essential items. How to politely decline the most bizarre PR requests. Would I like to review a book about erections? UM NAH I’M K THANKS. (True story. In  ...

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Star for a Day Competition!

Hotel Direct have launched a theatre centred competition for bloggers, asking them to create a day of London excitment based around a West End Show! WHAT FUN! The winner will get their itinerary brought to life courtesy of Hotel Direct which sounds like a JOLLY GOOD IDEA TO ME! Being a huge Roald Dahl nut ever since I was a wee nugget of a human, I chose Matilda as my character of choice, because she’s a feminist icon, super intelligent and incredibly kind of heart. And she loves  ...

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Follow Bloody Hell Brennan on Bloglovin!

Just a quickie on a Sunday morning (wheyyyy not THAT kind of quickie you saucy bunch!), a couple of people have contacted me saying they were FOLLOWING THE WRONG SITE on Bloglovin! That’s because we did a big move over the Summer to allow for a few ads to be live on the site (because, you know, a few pennies would be SWEEEET!) So, easiest way to follow the blog (and all other blogs you love and follow of course) is to sign up on Bloglovin- it puts all posts by your faves in one place  ...

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#LDNTheatreBlogger Meet-Up: GINSPIRATIONAL

Earlier this week a whole host of London Theatre Bloggers made their way down the windy stairs of Central and Co (fittingly located next door the the Palladium’s Stage Door) for an evening of networking (less wanky than it sounds I promise) hosted by the wonderful folk over at Official Theatre. When I was first invited, I was like YEAH sounds GREAT, getting a chance to say HIYA to a whole host of other blogger type folk, and then I found out that we would be doing a GIN-TASTING  ...

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