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Things I learned in 2015

In  this little nugget of time between Christmas and New Years, I always end up reflecting on the year, flicking through my diary from the last twelve months and reminding myself of things I’ve done and experienced. So I thought, once again, I’d share with you the things I’ve learned this year. Here we go: If you are in an unhappy relationship and flirt with the idea of rescue when you have absolutely no intention of being saved it is heart-breaking, selfish and  ...

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Things I have learned in 2014

In this weird period of between Christmas and New Year (which by the way, I’d like to rename InBetweenMas when I am Queen of the World) I always find it’s a good time to reflect. I like to flick back through my diary of the year, through photos I’ve snapped and consider the things I’ve learned and experienced over the last twelve months.  So, this year I thought I’d share some. Some are from my own experiences, others are nuggets loved ones have shared with me.  ...

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How to: Survive a Dance Call

In this new HOW TO series on Bloody Hell Brennan, I’ll be occasionally sharing my vast wisdom about the showbiz industry, hopefully passing on useful tips to fellow performers. In this first  one, I examine How To Survive a Dance Call. The phone rings. It’s your agent. ‘FINALLY,’ you think, ‘IT’S NOW! MY BIG BREAK I S FAST APPROACHING.’ “You’ve got an audition tomorrow at 11am. It’s for the West-End show you’ve dreamt of being in ever since you were in the womb.”  ...

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a note on being brave

It’s my birthday this week chums. I’m now officially in the autumn season of my twenties. Recently, I’ve been having a bit of a rough time. Work has been rubbish, creativity has been stunted, my heart has been bruised yet again, everything felt so viciously turbulent yet also bizarrely stagnant and I started to question what it was I was doing with my life. I said to myself, “Look. You are about to turn another year older. You have no money, no boyfriend, soon nowhere to live, no job, your  ...

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