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A Tune for Tuesday

Something I feel we all need on a Tuesday is a massive big old tune to bright the week. We all know that Tuesday is the worst day of the week due to my guide right? No?! Well here’s the guide to refresh you: This is how we should think of the working week. Monday- don’t be grumpy, we’ve just had the weekend so lets not be greedy. Tuesday- the worst. Long slog to go until the weekend. Have some malteasers and power through. Wednesday lunchtime- WE’RE HALFWAY THROUGH  ...

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Why I love beer

BONJOUR. Welcome. Good evening and salaam. Well this is pleasant isn’t it. Thanks for joining me here in this virtual place of ramblings and randomlings. People kept saying to me “Hey, you’re funny, you should write something.” and because I couldn’t think of anything to write, I thought  HEY LET’S HAVE A BLOG. EVERYONE CAN BLOG. EVEN PALTROW BLOGS (though seriously, ‘Goop?!’ GOOP?! That sounds like what one of the characters from Fragglerock would nickname their sperm. Ha, imagine if  ...

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