A Simple Space- Underbelly

Let me start this review, ladies and gentlemen, that I am an expert theatre goer, normally. I never sit on the end of a row 20 minutes before the curtain because I know that others will inevitably have to squeeze past me; I always slouch in my seat if there’s a little person behind so as not to impede their view; most importantly, I always seem to know where to stand at the bar in order to get served first. What can I tell you? It’s a gift.

Ashleigh Pearce (green), Simon McClure (yellow)
, Lisa Goldsworthy (lilac), Andre
Augustus (white), Chris Carlos (brown) and Annali
se Moore (flyer).
Photo (c) The
Other Richard

Imagine my embarrassment, then, when I reveal to you just how many times I found myself yelling aloud in alarm and astonishment while the incredible performers of A Simple Space went about their work. Maybe it’s just human nature, but I can’t watch people hurl each other round a very small space with seeming abandon without impulsively trying to warn them of their imminent injury, and possible death.

Benton Adam

Walker (left) with Simon McClure, Lisa Goldsworthy, Chris Carlos
Andre Augustus (
Ashleigh Pearce (top).
Photo (c) The Other Richard


Walker, Simon McClure, Annalise Moore, Chris Carlos, Andre
Augustus, Lisa Goldsworthy and Ashleigh Pearce. P
hoto (c) The Other Richard

I sat, awestruck, as seven smiling Antipodeans performed ever more hair raising and gravity defying acts with such obvious skill and joy that I eventually came to the conclusion that they were either mentally unstable or some of most skilful and entertaining performers I had ever had the pleasure to watch. I know that many performances in the theatre are described as brave for one reason or another, but his show engages its audience in a totally primal way because the bravery these acts require is something not often encountered. Add to that the pitch-perfect music provided by….., and the seemingly cheeky insouciance of the gymnasts and you have what I now consider might well be the perfect night at the theatre. Catch them while you can has never been a more appropriate recommendation!

Clockwise L

R Andre
Augustus, Benton Adams

Walker, Ashleigh Pearce (hanging),
Lisa Goldsworthy and
Simon McClure
with Chris Carlos (background)
Photo (c) The
Other Richard


Tickets gifted in return for a review.

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