Exploring London Bridge

This city is so bloomin’ big isn’t it? Every time I think I get to grips with a corner of it, there’s suddenly new nooks and crannies that I’m yet to discover. Last week, we went to visit London Bridge, an area I pass through so often but never really spend much time there. And really, that’s a crime! The place is bustling with touristy stuff, arts, lovely hotels to stay in, foodie delights and cultural crevices to really get into. Here’s what we got up to!

I’ve always wanted someone to take me up The Shard (wheyyyy) but it’s just one of those London things I’ve never done. The viewing platform is on floors 68-72 which I’ll admit is SUPER high. But it’s also SUPER expensive. Better option: go to one of the restaurants for a drink and take in the view from floor 31.

The drinks are pricey (even by London standards) BUT definitely cheaper than the viewing gallery. And you know, you get to have a drink so bonus. And to be fair, I was more than happy with this view!

YAS London you FIT GIRL! Well supped and fighting off minor vertigo, we scaled back down the building ready for our next stop!

Just a short walk from The Shard is London’s Glassblowing Centre. My fiancé has a weird obsession with giving up his job and just becoming a glassblower so he was very excited about this one. Having watched these artists at work though, I am PRETTY SURE it takes more than a romantic dream to make glassblowing a career!

The centre has an open studio so you can just pop in and watch these craftspeople at work. The space also acts as a mini gallery, showcasing work from these artists and guests as well. And it BLEW MY MIND (pun absolutely intended). Look at these beautiful pieces!!

The studio is well worth a visit and is right opposite the London Fashion and Textile Museum. You can’t miss it, it’s the massive pink and orange building.

Because I am selfless and kind I decided not to subject Ryan to an hour of me gawping at skirts and dresses and instead, took him for a pint.

There’s HEAPS of places to get a beer round here, though my favourite has to be The George Inn.

I mean can you get somewhere with more history?! I love the way the layout inside isn’t logical, the floors are wonky and the ceilings are low. If you can get a seat in the courtyard to look up at the beautiful gallery then so the better!

By now our tummies were definitely rumbling. Luckily though, London Bridge holds the jewel of the city’s foodie landscape in it’s paws- Borough Market.

Because the weather was so buff (sunny but with a lovely breeze, no more of this 34 degree nonsense thanks) we decided to pick up a picnic for dinner. And I mean, we were spoilt for choice.

Shoppings bags heaving, we marched onwards to our picnic spot. On our way, we passed the Old Operating Theatre Museum which we decided was a bit too grisly as pre-dinner viewing, but definitely somewhere I’d like to check out soon.

We strolled past HMS Belfast:

and sauntered through Hays Galleria

Before arriving at our chosen spot, The Scoop.

Just outside City Hall, The Scoop is an amphitheatre which puts on free theatre throughout the summer. We were there to catch ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’ but DISASTER! They’d had a problem with power due to a leak and so the performance was cancelled. My heart nearly broke when I saw a little 4-year-old girl in her Dorothy Dress and mini ruby slippers (was tempted to put on a one woman version just for her but thought that might scare her a bit actually). But definitely do check it out, the power probs are now sorted and there’s a gorgeous bar there and a cracking view of Tower Bridge!

Still, we had a basket full of goodies to munch through (and my new shoes had given me a blister) so we hopped home and had our picnic in our garden instead which was just as lovely. After all…there’s no place like home!


The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.

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  1. Jasmin Charlotte

    August 24, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    I’m so fascinated by glass blowing! That chair is crazy – how do they even make something like that! Love this bit of London 🙂

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