REJOICE FOR IT IS MAY! THE MONTH OF MERRY BANK HOLIDAYS! Two in one bloody month, aren’t we lucky!?

For the first one, me and Him jaunted up to Liverpool to stay with my cousin and her husband- she’s making my WEDDING DRESS so I got measured and looked at fabrics and talked shapes and generally got REALLY JOLLY EXCITED GUYS. I’m going to look like a WOODLAND-FAIRY-DRAG-QUEEN-DOROTHY-FLOWER-EXTRAVAGANNNNNNNZA.

And amidst all the wedding chat we managed to explore the ‘Pool and guys- I was wooed. What a fucking city!! We’re gently looking at places in the North-West to eventually relocate to and honestly, I stepped into the city centre and immediately felt at home, and felt it was somewhere I could live. Near family? Check. Near water? Check. Amazing culture? Check. ALL THE MASSIVE BANTZ? CHECK CHECK CHECK.

First up was a stop at the Albert Dock for a few pints in the sunshine. Busy, bustling and full of folk enjoying the bank holiday lolz. We supped and laughed and properly caught up and I felt the freckles on my face start dancing under the sun rays (beneath the factor 50 obv).

Whilst there, we stopped off and did the proper tourist thing (well, I say ‘we’ did. My cousin & her husband as hardened natives to Liverpool said they would rather drink a cup of cold sick, so they went to the pub instead hahahaha). WE HAD TO.

And it was GREAT. We learned all about where our fave Mop haired musos grew up and how they went from four scallies to international megastars. All massive lads. I got strangely emotional learning all about the Fab Four, especially about the death of John Lennon. I wept!

After a day inhaling the best bits of the docks, we headed back to Penny Lane, played a bit of pool accompanied by a few pints, before settling into pizza and craft beer at New York style pizza joint, TriBeCa.

Sunday morning rolled round, and after a full English and cheeky bottle of prosecco in the garden (welllll we were on our holidays!!), off we went to Crosby Beach to check out Antony Gormley’s installation ‘Another Place’. 100 cast iron, life size statues dotted around the beach, all looking out to sea. As time goes on, the figures become more worn, marked and blighted by the sea. Looking at them evokes a feeling of eerieness and felt to me like a real comment on the current loneliness epidemic which affects so many (especially the elderly), and an expression of what it feels like to struggle with mental health issues. A feeling of helplessness, looking out to sea in hope of an answer, or perhaps more bleakly, an end.

Ryan interpreted the art somewhat differently….

Having had our hair whipped round our faces by the sea air (well, me, not so much Ryan), we jumped back into the car and sped off to one of the cities newest HOTSPOTS, the Cains Brewery.

This amazing space has been regenerated, and now hosts bars, restaurants, workspaces, artists studios, a vintage market, a street food hall, a rehearsal space and live music venues all in one. It’s AMAZING. We immediately dove into the food hall, and came out loaded with cans of cold craft beer, halloumi fries and a nacho loaded potatorpedo.

All around us there was live music, like literally around every corner. Everything from a covers band, to live DJs, to folk singers and opera singers. SO COOL. I wanted to spend the whole day there, hopping from bar to bar, but sadly, because I am a Gran I needed a nap. The Thug Lyfe chose me guys.

After a couple of pints at beaut old boozer Dovedale Towers, we feasted on Pan-Asian Tapas at Tiger Rock and rolled into bed, our tummies and hearts both full to bursting.

The whole weekend was a total blast from start to finish. Liverpool, you have stolen my heart, you big scally. I cannot WAIT to come back soon. LOVE YA LIKE YA, MISS YA KISS YA.



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  1. Rosie

    May 26, 2018 at 1:05 pm

    I went to Liverpool for a day a few years back and loved it – especially around Albert Dock. The weather looked about the same as what you had and it felt like we could have been abroad somewhere.

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