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January 2018

Eats and Drinks

Roast, Borough Market

Usually when I venture to Borough Market, I grab something delicious and tasty from one of the many excellent vendors and stall, munching it down as I take a slow stroll around the halls and then down onto the Southbank to sup a couple of (admittedly overpriced) pints by the river. Last Sunday I broke with tradition and instead, ticked off one of my London restaurant bucket list entries, plumping for a table at Roast. Roast sits above Borough Market, and obtains a lot of produce from the  ...

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Older, Wiser.

**Trigger warnings- Anxiety, Depression, Self-Harm** The thing was, I had to take a breather from my blog. It’s always brought me so much joy, and to write about things when the going got tough was incredibly cathartic. But all of a sudden, it changed. Because, well, I changed. I’ve made no excuse for my brutal honesty about my mental health conditions in the past here on my little patch of the internet. When things have been terrible, I have written. It’s helped me make  ...

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