No 1 Lounge, Gatwick

I love waiting until September to take a holiday. Whilst everyone else has the back to school blues, I love coming back to the office with a face full of freckles- it just feels quite smug. Yes I’m very popular at work, thanks for asking.

He and I were off on our jollies to Turkey a few weeks ago- I can’t really tell you much about Turkey, but I CAN tell you what the sun lounger by the pool was like. I’m usually a city break kind of gal but it felt SO GOOD to just lie in the sun (with my factor 50 on, safety first), read, and sleep.

Now, obviously the first exciting bit of any holiday is the airport. I have a weird thing where I can’t help but really like airports and service stations. I JUST FIND THEM REALLY FUN I don’t know why. But I didn’t know that airport lounges are not just for the blessed few who get to fly business or first. NO NO MA CHERIES they are for us normal folk too! No 1 Lounges have gorgeous spaces to relax before a flight at Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh and Birmingham. The prices start at £18 and include a dedicated security lane, comfy seats, newspapers and magazines, plug sockets, wifi, food and most importantly, drinks.  I MEAN GREAT RIGHT? Once you’ve bought a few drinks and some food at an airport you would have spent that much anyway, no?

So, once we’d shimmied through our premium security lane we strolled up to the lounge at Gatwick North where we were greeted by a friendly hostess (is that the right word?) who checked us in and showed us through. There’s a ‘quiet’ space for those who want to quite literally switch off, and a main space, which houses the bar, the self service buffet, and a whole load of squashy seats.


We found ourselves a little nook after a short wait (it was super busy when we arrived), ordered a couple of glasses of fizz and went for a lap round the buffet. All soft drinks are available to just help yourself- fizzy drinks, teas, coffees, water etc and a whole table of grub that’s constantly being topped up. There were olives, nuts, spicy crackers, breads, soup and a range of cakes, brownies and biscuits.


After we’d had our glasses topped up a few times, we ordered a main meal at the bar. He had a fish finger sandwich, and I had the cheeseboard. The portions weren’t huge, but along with all the snacks we had been munching it was definitely enough.


Before long it was time for us to make our way to the gate, so we left, armed with magazines and newspapers to keep us occupied on our flight. It wasn’t super posh or anything, but we did feel quite sassy in there I have to say. THIS SASSY IN FACT.


Something about it just added a bit of extra shine to our excitement, and I’d really recommend to anyone who’s going on a special trip.



We were guests of No 1 Lounge, but all words and opinions my own!

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