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October 2017


What my Anxiety has Taught Me + a Mental Health Link Library

It’s World Mental Health Day today. Fitting really, that it falls on a day where I’ve had to work from home, purely because my anxiety is so bad I can’t face leaving the house. Yep, that’s right. The thought of walking out of my front door and having to interact with people and get on trains and smile and be okay in all the other millions of moments that make up a day was filling me with such fear, dread and panic that, well, I just would not have been any good to  ...

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No 1 Lounge, Gatwick

I love waiting until September to take a holiday. Whilst everyone else has the back to school blues, I love coming back to the office with a face full of freckles- it just feels quite smug. Yes I’m very popular at work, thanks for asking. He and I were off on our jollies to Turkey a few weeks ago- I can’t really tell you much about Turkey, but I CAN tell you what the sun lounger by the pool was like. I’m usually a city break kind of gal but it felt SO GOOD to just lie in  ...

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