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April 2017

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Learning to Love my Body

A lot has changed for me in the past year. New job, new relationship, new goals and along with those things, a new awareness of myself. I’ve written a lot before about my tussles with my anxiety goblin and my daily pill-popping, but I’ve never written before about my body. I suspect this is because I’ve always felt ashamed of it and hopeless about it in a way that I never felt about my mental health. But, in this season of new discoveries that I’m experiencing, both  ...

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Funkin Cocktails

Just a little post today to share with you a new lil’ discovery- FUNKIN COCKTAILS! Now, I’m all for a product that makes drinking cocktails easy. I mean, at the end of a long day, who can actually be arsed to get shakers, strainers, mixers, muddlers and all manner of cocktail accoutrements out? This is why, more oft than not, I end up just cracking open a GinInATin and slugging that back. However, I had a little delivery but t’other day which has made whipping up a  ...

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10 Mind Games to Keep your Brain Happy

As an anxiety sufferer I have a whole host of techniques, methods and mechanisms in place to help reel in my worry if it ever starts to career out of control (i.e often). ¬†However, lots of these take time, effort and equipment- working on a project, turning off my phone and settling down with a book or baking for example. But what happens when anxiety strikes suddenly in the middle of your day AS IS IT’S WONT. The truth is, we can’t always apply our tried and tested methods of  ...

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