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Ben’s Canteen, Battersea

Love it or hate it Valentines Day is upon us. In truth, I’ve always loved Valentines Day because I’m a BIG SOPPY SOFTIE (even though lollllllllllllllll this is the first year ever I’ve had a boyfriend for it) but I do appreciate that others despise all the red hearts and pink satin.

HOWEVER. The gorgeous Ben’s Canteen in Battersea has exciting menus that cater for all, whether you j’adore it or abhor it!


Just a hop, skip and a jump from Clapham Junction station, Ben’s is a properly lovely neighbourhood restaurant. There’s a banging brunch menu, and a drool-worthy list of burgers to umm and ahh over, plus the bar mix a mean cocktail.

Bitter Berry Martini

Bitter Berry Martini

For those loved up lovelies, Ben’s has a couple of EXCELLENT value bottomless booze menus to choose from which would be ideal for a Valentines Slurp, but it’s the Anti-Valentines menu that really makes the jaw drop. Grab a gaggle of your single gals and get thee to this!

We slurped down a Bitter Berry Martini whilst chuckling over Ben’s take on ‘burning your ex’s possessions’. For all those not sure what to do with their ex’s clothing, PUT DOWN THE MATCHES and instead pop it into the Amnesty box! Every customer that donates something to the box will get a free martini (and you know, the warm fuzzy feeling of donating to charity too!).


We then chomped down on the special Anti Valentines burger- and my oh my, this badboy isn’t for the faint-hearted! Ox heart and Chilli burger with a huge whack of gorgonzola cheese. Yes, Ox heart. I can’t believe I ate it either but it was actually REALLY GOOD! Very meaty and full of flavour. FLAVOURING NORA!

PSX_20170202_175344 PSX_20170202_175441

On the side of this meaty delight we hoed into spicy ndjua mac & cheese, mexican fries, and spicy aubergine. And in short, it was absolutely bloody delicious.

PSX_20170209_140657 PSX_20170209_140715

What with all that, and the bottomless fizz that kept being poured into our glasses we definitely didn’t need dessert.

But we had it anyway!


We got stuck into a plate of Doctor’s DIY Doughnuts, tiny mini doughnuts with syringes of chocolate sauce, strawberry jam and maple & vanilla custard to inject in- so much fun (ooh also, 50p from each one sold is donated to the Wandsworth Food Bank. Great, right?). Also, we managed to clear an entire plateful of chocolate and peanut butter brownie with a dollop of peanut butter ice-cream on top.


And then we rolled home.


So if you’d like to get your teeth into that MEAT-TASTIC burger of dreams, slurp on that flowing fizz and feel the tang of a Bitter Berry Martini, Ben’s Canteen are running their Anti-Valentines menu from the 14th Feb right up until the end of the month. Just don’t forget your ex’s old Ben Sherman.


We were guests of Ben’s Canteen, but all burger and booze loving my own! 


  1. Laura

    February 9, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    I’ve heard so many good things about this place! I don’t know why I’ve never been but I’m definitely going to now after seeing those Mexican fries. They look FREAKING amazing. I might be a bit hungry now… Thankfully I live quite close to Clapham Junction so I have no excuse not to visit! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. Leanne

    March 1, 2017 at 12:54 pm

    Love how the burger comes with a knife stabbed right through the heart </3 x

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