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The Gin O’Clock Box

This is just a quickie (oo-er) but I just wanted to tell you about a JOYFUL package (double oo-er) I got in the post the other day.

Dunno if you remember but a while back I reviewed a subscription box from Taste Cocktails. I’m an AAABSOLUTE SUCKAH for a subscription box because I love surprises and also I love getting post that isn’t reminders from the student loan company (har har har mate that is legit futile, I’m a bloody actor i.e I earn about 1p a year). I loved the Taste box, however I was slightly saddened when there was no gin in there.

BUT there is now a GIN BOX that you can have delivered monthly! The wonderful folk at I Love Gin had heard about my penchant for Mother’s Ruin, so they sent me their latest box to try out. In each box, there’s enough gin and tonic for four drinks (or two massive ones if you’re me lol). It comes in the coolest foam lined box so you can be sure there will be no tragic spillages as your tipples wind their way to you.

PSX_20160727_204115 PSX_20160725_171818

One of the best bits is that you’ll probably end up making new discoveries, as the company work with a huge range of boutique distillers and tonic manufacturers to ensure each box feels exciting and special. This month I received two mini bottles of 6 O Clock Gin, one classic, one sloe and two bottles of Peter Spanton Tonic Water, one a classic Tonic and one a bit more unusual- flavoured with cardamon. I’d never heard of either of these brands before so I was chomping at the bit to have a taste!

PSX_20160727_204155 PSX_20160727_204238 PSX_20160727_204320 PSX_20160727_204349

At £14 per month I think it’s pretty good value- that’s definitely less than you’d pay for four gin and tonics in a pub and for the surprise element and ‘treat factor’ value, I loved it!




I was sent a complimentary box from but if I hadn’t have loved it I wouldn’t have written about it!

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