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July 2016

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Pergola On The Roof

AH SWEET SUMMER. The perfect time of year to perch atop a rooftop bar with a delicious iced bevergage in hand and bask in the warm dusk. Or at least it would be if this Summer’s weather would GET IT’S ACT TOGETHER MAN. July has been acting like a toddler having a tantrum in the middle of the confectionary aisle in Asda. (Obviously today it’s actually sunny and all I have do is whinge about how hot I am. Whaddya gonna do?) However, the rain did hold out long enough a couple of weeks  ...

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A Light At the End of the Cancer Tunnel

You may remember a wee while ago I handed over to my best mate Izzy so she could write a post on finding out she had breast cancer at 28. This is Izzy. Eight months on, a lot of treatment, surgery and sassy silk head-scarves later, she’s back with another update. Over to you Iz! ************************************************************************************************************ So I am at the end of my ‘active’ treatment now (one side effect of cancer is that you  ...

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The Artisan Bistro

Something I love about London is that there’s just so much of it. So many nooks and crannies, neighbourhoods and stretches, corners and creases, each one with its own flavour, attitude and vibe. As a result there’s always a new wedge of the city to explore. One neighbourhood that I have never really ventured into before is Chelsea. I associate it with blow-dried sloaney princesses, and I, with my four-day Batiste Bouffant and my Primark Pumps just don’t seem to be a natural match somehow.  ...

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