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Little Nan’s Bar

All over London there are hidden gems. Little restaurants you may not have heard of, museums showcasing weird and wonderful items and bars that will serve you the world’s greatest alcoholic beverages in pretty much any receptable you can imagine. I’m super lucky that with this ‘ere blog I get to regularly exercise my curious nature and investigate lots of these sparkling big smoke diamonds. However, I feel like I peaked last week with a visit to Little Nan’s Rio Bar.


Hidden away underneath the might Rio Cinema in Dalston, this is perhaps the most brilliantly bonkers bar I have ever had the pleasure of getting merry in. Okay so first, the decor. Imagine your nan’s living room. Overstuffed chintz armchairs, royal wedding paraphanalia, pointless china ornaments and fringed lamps. Combine that with a tropical twist (palm trees and pineapples) then smother the result in a layer of 90s nostalgia- East 17 collages, troll dolls and a soundtrack to match. I cannot really do the decoration justice. Every nook and cranny was hilarious and lovely to look at and I could have spent the entire evening creeping round to examine every inch of it and gasping in delight. (p.s sorry about the weird colour in the photos, it was super dark so I had to play around with exposure and editing!)

PSX_20160714_100320 PSX_20160724_171502 PSX_20160724_171342

However I didn’t have time to do that because we were there to road-test the new afternoon tea offering! We opened our cocktail menu (each one is hidden within the pages of a vintage book, the bookworm streak in me was thrilled at this touch) and chose a range of gin based beauties, all which came in their own vintage china teapot. We each went to select our own teacup from the rack and got stuck in.


Whilst waiting for the CAKE to arrive (totally legit to have afternoon tea for dinner right?) we went to town on the unlimited pic n mix selection (that’s right. Unlimited.) and cinema popcorn.


Then our three tiers of deliciousness was served, a layer of finger sandwiches (one set of which had been catered for my veggie chum with delicious options), a layer of scones with mini pots of clotted cream and jam, and a top later of bite-size cakes (the rocky road being a particular beauty). It’s not the most spectacular afternoon tea I’ve ever had, but it is SOLID and delish and ticks all the boxes.

PSX_20160724_171103 PSX_20160724_170952

A few more cocktail slurps later, we made our way into THE COOLEST ROOM OF ALL. With 90s classics blaring out of the soundsystem (shoutout to my Eternal huns, I still Wanna Be The Only One To Hold You *PROTECT YA FROM THA RAIN*), trunk loads of dressing up gear, a wind machine and a GIF maker, we went mad. This is a small selection of about 8493212916493743846123789462397843890 photos we took.

PSX_20160724_171424 PSX_20160714_074614 PSX_20160724_171742 PSX_20160724_171954 PSX_20160724_172143

Oh guys it was so fun. Quirky, whimsical and with seriously excellent cocktails to boot. It’s open until the 14th August from 5pm-12am Tues-Thurs and until 2am Fri/Sat.

And if Afternoon Tea for dinner isn’t quite your bag (but if not like, why? U ok hun?) it’s right next door to Voodoo Ray’s. EVERYONE’S A WINNER BABY !


We were guests of Little Nan’s Bar but if I hadn’t have utterly ADORED every second of the evening I wouldn’t have written about it.

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