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Fury at Soho Theatre

COR BLIMEY GUV’NOR it’s been aaaaaages since I wrote about any theatre I’ve been to see! Basically there was a bit of an ugly vibe going round about theatre bloggers a while ago and I didn’t really want to get involved with any online slanging because nahhhhh that’s long.

BUT last week I went down to one of my faaaave theatres in London, the wonderful Soho to catch the latest offering from rising play scribbling star, Phoebe Eclair-Powell who is currently writer-in-residence at the Soho. With a few fringe hits under her belt, this time, she’s back with a BANG with a modern take on Medea in her new play Fury. Rather than the Ancient Greek City of Corinth, this time, our central female character harks from a council estate in Peckham. Sam (played passionately by Sarah Ridgeway) is the single mother of two young children and is struggling. She’s not winning any ‘Mum of the Year’ awards, leaving the two boys alone to go out drinking and lashing out at them when she gets frustrated.

Photo by The Other Richard

Photo by The Other Richard

A breath of fresh air comes in the form of geeky student, Tom (Alex Austin) who lives in a flatshare upstairs. At first it seems as though Sam has a fun new plaything, striding into his flat demanding frosties and to watch his TV. However, the tables soon take a sinister turn as Tom starts to twist the nature of their relationship which is fascinating (and at points, genuinely scary) to watch. Naana Agyei-Ampadu, Daniel Kendrick and Anita-Joy Uwajeh make up the company, with their punchy Greek Chorus providing commentary and turns as various cameo characters

It’s a play about sex, about class, about money and mental health. But really, it’s about what makes a monster. Sarah and Tom both make huge mistakes and have seriously flawed moral compasses, but are either of them really at fault if it’s actually society’s lack of care, compassion and empathy with troubled individuals that drives people to do what they do?

Photo by The Other Richard

Photo by The Other Richard

Though I craved a few more light moments towards the latter half of the play, I thought it was fresh, fiery and full of wonderful angry energy. Plus, it got me RIGHT in the mood to see some belting theatre at Edinburgh Fringe!

Fury runs at The Soho Theatre until the 6th August with tickets at £17 for evening performances (Tuesdays-Saturdays at 7pm) and £14 for matinees (Thursday and Saturday at 3pm).


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  1. Leanne

    July 25, 2016 at 11:08 am

    Ah reading this just gave me shivers all over again – I loved this play! Good luck at the Fringe babe xx

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