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Pergola On The Roof

AH SWEET SUMMER. The perfect time of year to perch atop a rooftop bar with a delicious iced bevergage in hand and bask in the warm dusk. Or at least it would be if this Summer’s weather would GET IT’S ACT TOGETHER MAN. July has been acting like a toddler having a tantrum in the middle of the confectionary aisle in Asda. (Obviously today it’s actually sunny and all I have do is whinge about how hot I am. Whaddya gonna do?)

However, the rain did hold out long enough a couple of weeks ago for me and Him to go down to London’s latest rooftop bar. Housed on the roof of the Television Centre, Pergola on the Roof is a pretty little pop-up stationed there until …… As the name suggests, there is a huge Pergola, dripping with gorgeous foliage (instantly up your Insta game!) under which is a central bar, plus four food stations inhabited by some of London’s fave foodie haunts- Rabbit, Le Coq, Saltyard and Patty and Bun.

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There are gorgeous murals painted onto the whitewashed walls, twinkling trees strung with fairy lights, a boules lawn, daybeds you can book out for groups and a huge TV showing the big sports fixtures of the Summer. We grabbed a drink (first one is free if you sign up online!) and after a little wander round found a place to perch before scurrying off to get some grub!


I had a brilliant dinner with some of my rowdiest gal pals up at Le Coq in Highbury for my birthday one year and loved it, so made a beeline for them, whereas He chose the place with the shortest queue (Rabbit). I tucked into a quarter rotisserie chicken drizzled in some sort of dressing sent from the gods and big crunchy chips that were mingled with crackling, and He slurped down a beautiful scallop with chorizo before getting to grips with a ginormous BBQ pulled pork wrap (that was tasty but quite literally drippppping in bright orange oil). There’s a great range of options as far as food goes- a tonne of different flavours, prices and levels of healthiness!

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It is SUPER pretty up there on that roof, though heed my warning- it gets really really busy. The best thing to do is to grab a bunch of pals and reserve a table or daybed They’ll take reservations for groups of 6 and over but any smaller groups have to just rock up and try their and the queue outside to get in was huuuuge by the time we left, plus 99% of the seating and tables were reserved for said groups which made it pretty difficult to actually find anywhere to park ourselves! Get your rowdiest bunch together, do a Sun Dance, order bottles of wine to  the table and munch down on some of London’s yummiest munch despite the crowds, it’s well worth a look in before Summer fades!


We were guests of Television Centre but all opinions on all rooftop based activities are my own!

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