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In just over a month I will be hitting the heady, wonderful world of Edinburgh Fringe with my own show, Katie Brennan’s Quarter-Life Crisis.

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EXCITING INNIT! I’ve been up to my eyeballs in prep, so I thought I’d pen a quick post to give you a wee update on how it’s going!

Ten years ago I made my first trip up to Edinburgh Fringe with Year Out Drama Company to perform as a drunk lord in a production of The Tempest (and to perform as a real-life drunk lord on the streets of Edinburgh at night, but that’s another story.). I immediately fell in love with the festival. Never had I been around such a vibrant buzz of creativity, happiness and infectious joy in abundance before. It was mad, exhausting, emotional, hilarious and life-affirming. I was hooked.

giving it emotional drunk lord in rehearsals for 'The Tempest' circa 2006

giving it emotional drunk lord in rehearsals for ‘The Tempest’ circa 2006

Since then, I’ve been every year since both as a performer and a reveller, so it feels PRETTY EXCELLENT to be marking my ten year Edfringe anniversary with my own show. IT’S GOT MY NAME IN THE TITLE AND EVERYTHING THAT’S MENTAL!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like 19 year old me gazing round at Edfringe with wide, hungry eyes would be really proud of 29 year old me. Regardless of all the things I often beat myself up about not having achieved yet (having a pension, owning a house, knowing how to fold a fitted sheet etc) this feels like a jolly cool thing to HAVE achieved. And if that’s not an excuse to pour another gin, well I don’t know what is.

Killing it in my raincoat flyering for 'The Last 5 Years' in 2010

Killing it in my raincoat flyering for ‘The Last 5 Years’ in 2010

However, performing in my own show for a WHOLE MONTH in a festival literally crammed with thousands of incredible shows and performers does come with a few worries. I mean, will I sell tickets? Will people like the show? Will we get slaaaated in reviews?! I’m managing to keep a lid on most of these worries, mainly because being a fringe veteran I’ve got a pretty good idea of how the festival works, but it’s still pretty daunting. But I know that I’m not alone in these feelings. Maybe I should set up a fringe performer support group so we can voice these worries to each other. “I had a one star review from Broadway Baby!”, “I am too hungover to flyer today!”, “The sixth formers with white facepaint performing a puppet/acappella/interactive version of ‘Mother Courage’  in a public toilet got more stars than me!”

Revelling hard at Edfringe 2015

Revelling hard at Edfringe 2015

So like, if you wanna buy tickets PLEASE DO- available here.  So far my Mum and Dad are coming, so that’s at least TWO! And if you have seen the show before in either of our outings at The Alleycat in November or St James Theatre in Feb/March please do help a sister out and spread the word.

And how’s the actual prep going, you ask? Well! We have a venue. We’ll be at Underbelly Wee Coo every evening (except the 15th. Oh sweet sweet day off) at 22.50-23.50. We have a producer and a PR company working like busy bees to make sure everything is sorted and that as many people as possible know about the show. We have digs for the month. My partner in comedy cabaret crime, Joe and I have been rehearsing the show, cutting stuff, adding stuff (as well as some SUPER new songs), sprinkling things with glitter and drinking pink fizz to keep ourselves hydrated and inspired.

And you know what? I’m bloody excited. I’m like, tingling with excitement. I cannot wait to be living, sleeping and breathing my favourite place on the planet. I cannot wait to wear my lanyard, to eat deep fried haggis, to be utterly knackered, to have a rucksack full of flyers, to wear my stylish blue raincoat, to laugh at the best comedy, to gasp at the most innovative theatre and to sup and revel with far-flung pals. But mostly? I cannot wait to the thing I love most for a whole month. To sing and make people laugh and do it in something I’ve worked my socks off at creating. And the more I write this post, the more I realise that it’s not just 19-year-old-me that is proud of me. Right-here-right-now-me is proud of me too. And that’s really important for this anxious little twentysomething battling her own quarter-life crisis.

So yeah. To sum up, it’s going well haha. If you’re planning on heading fringewards do let me know, it would be simply DELICIOUS to see some friendly faces.

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And once again, here’s the link for tickets. Just in case ya missed it babe.



Side note- I’ve done a couple of interviews recently! Have a gander at these to find out more info about the show and what it’s all about (alfieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

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  1. Katy

    June 29, 2016 at 2:20 pm

    I’M PROUD OF YOU TOO. AND BANGARANG IS PROUD. AND WE IS ALL PROUD <3 I'm still trying to jiggle things (money) around to see if I can make it. I really, really, really, really want to. xxx

    1. bloodyhellbrennan

      June 29, 2016 at 2:30 pm

      Oh fingers crossed! We would have suchhhhh a fabulous fringey time!!!

  2. Leanne

    June 30, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    I am also trying very hard to come and see you since I missed you in London!! I love that you’re making doing what you love a priority <3 xx

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