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June 2016

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Edfringe Feels

In just over a month I will be hitting the heady, wonderful world of Edinburgh Fringe with my own show, Katie Brennan’s Quarter-Life Crisis. EXCITING INNIT! I’ve been up to my eyeballs in prep, so I thought I’d pen a quick post to give you a wee update on how it’s going! Ten years ago I made my first trip up to Edinburgh Fringe with Year Out Drama Company to perform as a drunk lord in a production of The Tempest (and to perform as a real-life drunk lord on the  ...

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The Yard Burger

BURGER FANS GATHER! Got an aaaabsolute treat for you. Now, if you haven’t already been to Shake Shack, WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?! Get your butt down there right now! And whilst you’re there, grab one of THESE beauties! For a limited time only The Yard Burger is available at Shake Shack. Lemme just talk you through what’s going on here. You got a soft, slightly sweet bun. Stuffed inside is a thick, juicy patty made from 100% Aberdeen Angus beef. Slammed on top of that is a  ...

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Feel-Good, Lifestyle

Being Busy and Saying No

HI BABES you may have noticed things round here have been a little on the quiet front. Truth is, I’m struggling a wee bit. When you’re freelance, and from my own experience, freelance in the arts, you end up saying YES to every opportunity and job that comes your way. This is in part because a lot of those opportunities help to build your CV and are actually really great and interesting, but it’s mainly because you’re never really quite sure where the next pay cheque is coming from, and  ...

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