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Cocktails In The City

Sometimes living in one of the world’s greatest cities we are overwhelmed with choice. London is a hub of wonderful food and drink options for example, with a spangly new joint being opened every five minutes. How is one supposed to know where to sup and munch? However, events like Cocktails in the City give the city’s thirstiest revellers the best of the bunch.

The premise of Cocktails in the City is to bring together the cities best bartenders, coolest bars and their most innovative cocktails to provide a smorgasbord of booze-laced options all under one roof. Like going on a bar crawl to the classiest, quirkiest bars in the city but not actually having to hot foot it across town. Easy, quick and CONVENIENT right? Charlie and I were invited to the press launch of the 2016 event so we wiggled our way down to The Hoxton Hotel to see what cocktail lovers have got in store this year!

gold label reserve

Wending our way through the rabbit-warren like rooms, we embarked on a series of talks, demonstrations and tastings from each bar taking part. There were so many to sample I actually can’t remember all of them, but there were some wonderful highlights. First up, we sampled the Love Buzz from the team at the OXO tower which featured Patron Silver Tequila blended with yuzu and strawberry rose syrup. Normally tequila makes my stomach turn (thanks 16 year old me who thought it was cool do do tequila shots in every bar one night on a pub crawl, really solid decision there) but actually the sweetness of the other elements balanced it out and it was both delicious and beautiful.

patron mats patron cocktail red rose cocktail

I loved how experimental, knowledgeable and passionate all the mixologists were. They really were taking cocktails to the next level with unusual ingredients and explaining the reason for each individual element of their signature cocktail. My favourite of the night was the carrot juice and Plymouth Gin infused offering from Powder Keg Diplomacy, although I was massively wooed by the story behind Dishoom‘s Bombay twist on a traditional julep (and also wooed by the mixologist’s arms. Mother may I….)

powder keg cocktail

I have been itching to visit Cahoots for SO LONG and after seeing their 1940’s inspired display and demo, the urge is even greater. Their offering to Cocktails in the City is a Miller Fizz- Martin Miller Gin, with berries, lychee and pink peppercorns to garnish. Can confirm it was highly quaffable.

cahoots cocktail cahoots picnic basket_edited-1

Our final drink of the evening was from The Whip and used Chase Rhubarb Vodka, which was one of the most incredible drinks I’ve ever had in my mouth. Taking a traditional German Radler (which is a bit like a shandy) as their inspiration, the vodka was blended with a light gooseberry pale ale resulting in a totally refreshing long drink. Stunner.

chase cocktail

If you’re interested in attending Cocktails in the City, it’s on between the 10th-12th March at Number One Mayfair and tickets cost £15. For more information and tickets, visit the website!


We were invited to the press preview for Cocktails in the City, but all opinions and thoughts on these hunky cocktails are my own!

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