Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen!

Even  though I am horrified at the videos that appear online of people lamping each other in Asda for a cut price TV, the one good thing I found about Black Friday last year was the Ryanair £4 flight deals. FOUR QUID. Mate, that’s outrageous. So on a whim, I booked return flights for me and my best mate to Copenhagen for a little post-panto break.

IMG_5681 IMG_5675

After a quick flight from London Luton, we landed in Copenhagen and whizzed into the city centre on the metro. After our excellent experience in Berlin, we chose to stay in the same chain of hostels, Generator. Obviously I had spent a bazillion hours looking up beautiful, Pinterest-esque AirBnBs but like, nah, girl needs money for cocktails. We paid about £70 for three nights in a basic but stylish twin room (with en-suite), and it was GREAT. The whole place has a young, trendy vibe with free wifi, playful interiors, a great bar with drinks deals and knowledgeable and friendly staff. So if you’re in Europe on a budget (and let’s be honest, who isn’t because lol twentysomething) I HIGHLY recommend the Generator chain.

Here’s what we got up to (spoiler: it’s mainly food and drink based).

Things To Do

The main attraction in Copenhagen is the world famous Tivoli Gardens, a sort of theme-park, performance space with restaurants and shops contained within, but sadly it was closed when we were there for being out of season! We actually just spent most of our time walking round and exploring, diving into coffee shops and bars whenever we fancied. It’s a really small city which is easy to walk across, but when we got too cold (omg take jumpers if you go in Winter because minus degree temperatures are really not a babe) the metro system was really easy to navigate and hop on and off!

canal palace IMG_5729 danish girl house

Whilst wandering around, we took a stroll down Stroget, Europe’s longest pedestrian shopping street lined with a huge variety of places to shop that suit all budgets. There’s also a THREE FLOOR TIGER which we definitely got really excited about. Copenhagen is SUCH a pretty city, with a wonderful blend of old and new architecture and canals providing plenty of insta-fodder!

snow boat snow tree skinny chuchsquare trees

Keep an eye out as well for the wonderful street art dotted around the city!

street art 1 street art 2 street art 3 nat muralbuildling me mural

Torvehallerne food market is well worth a wander round. Like a sleeker Borough Market, these two glass buildings house all manner of Copenhagen’s best foodie treats. With plenty of samples on offer too.

juice IMG_5797 danish pastries cheesecake brittle spirits oil torvehalleerne IMG_5732

Because we are both stagey little misses, we were keen to check out the theatre museum. Located just behind the Christianborg, the museum is actually the old court theatre, dating back to 1767. We had a LOVELY time, prancing about on the stage and eyeing up the old costumes.

theatrev opera costume nat and dress dress dress 2 dress detail

We also took a trip over to Christiania, the freetown developed by hippies in the 70s. It’s absolutely fascinating to wander through, with its murals, homemade houses and independent businesses. It’s really not cool to take pictures or run in Christiania though (the photo below is at the entrance), due to the illegal drug sales that go on there, so make sure you read the dos and don’ts before entering!


And of course, no trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a trip to see The Little Mermaid:

hi hun

hi hun

For coffee we LOVED The Coffee Factory on Gothersgade, a colourful, twinkly little cafe where we rejuvenated ourselves after our early start on our first day with creamy lattes and banana loaf.

me coffee factory1IMG_5695 star lights nat coffee shop me coffee factory

Coffee Collective is another excellent spot to caffeinate up. Situated in the Torvehallerne, the coffee is probably some of the best I have ever tasted. And the baristas are really fit so you know, BONUS.

coffee collective drip coffee

For booze, we went slightly cartoon heart shaped eyes over the Mikeller Brewery. OH GOD THAT BEER. THAT HOMEMADE SWEET CHERRY WINE. It was so good. Their passion for good beer extends even to their wifi network, which is entitled ‘CarlsbergFreeZone’. So many choices of brilliant brews meant we were absolutely spoilt for choice. So we tried loads, of course. Walking back in the snow after that night was fun.

mikeller beers_edited-1 mikeller pub cherry wine
Another little gem of a watering hole we found was the Tryk Bar, on Montergade. With a soundtrack of Beatles classics, vintage beer adverts festooned over the walls and a range of craft beer on tap we found ourselves easily holed up in here for a good few hours.

beers beer bottle flying dog brewery

good initials

good initials


This is what you really want isn’t it?! Right here’s where we munched.

Cocks and Cows – We nestled down in the outside section of this cult burger joint, which despite the -3 temperatures was thankfully all covered and heated with big fiery heaters. The burgers werperfectly arriving practically teetering on the plate they were so tall. We ordered salt and vinegar fries, onion rings and BBQ Buffalo wings on the side (we were hungry K), and washed it all down with blueberry gin and tonics- sadly I have NO photos because the lighting was THE WORRRRRRRRST. But definitely go.

Granola– this charming little cafe is the perfect brunch spot with it’s 1950’s decor and  friendly, chatty staff. Busy and bustling this place is clearly popular so I’d recommend booking. We tucked into strong coffee and the big brunch plate: Egg, ham, sausage, two kinds of cheese, jam, granola, baked tomatoes, fruit, skyr, and rye and wheat bread. GOOD BRUNCH GAME BABE.

Granolalatte granolaIMG_5715 granola bar_edited-1 brunch plate
WarPigs – omfg this place. WHERE DREAMS ARE MADE OF. Located in Copenhagen’s hip af Meatpacking District, this place sports a HUGE beer menu (I needed to get a room with their Lil’ Drunk Baby beer- seriously, the best beer I have ever tasted. EVER. I am praying for an import) and a menu of proper no frills, texas BBQ MEAT. You step up to the counter, order your meat by the pound and it all appears on a tray in front of you. Not elegant but the TASTIEST EVER.

SOZ about the terrible white balance but MEEEATTTT

SOZ about the terrible white balance but MEEEATTTT

me warpigs

me and bae

warpigs bar snacks warpigs sauce warpigs menu warpigs cocktails warpigs sodaIMG_5781 warpigs bar

Mother– Another hit in the Meatpacking District, this atmospheric Italian serves really really bloody good pizza. I can’t remember what we had and didn’t take many photos because again, the lighting was SO BAD (note to self: learn to use camera properly) but it was some sort of delicious concoction with gorgonzola and spicy sausage. Because a holiday’s not a holiday without a big helping of spicy sausage. WHEYYYYYYYYY.

Nat candlemother menu


Grod – this place should be renamed porridge porn. Big bowls of creamy porridge with any topping you can think of. Banana, peanut butter and dark chocolate chips. It’s a pretty good way to start the day.

IMG_5787 grod grod drinks

Hallernes – we couldn’t well go to Copenhagen and NOT have smorrebrod right? These open sandwiches have a rye bread base and all manner of delicious toppings. We asked the chap behind the counter to surprise us with his top recommendations which resulted in beef, fried fish and pork. LOOK HOW PRETTY THEY ARE!



All in all I absolutely adored Copenhagen. CopenHUNgen more like! Whilst it’s perhaps not as immediately exciting as somewhere like Berlin or Amsterdam, it’s beautiful, peaceful and the food is some of the best I’ve ever had. Plus all the men are absolutely smokin’ hot. SERIOUSLY. BEARDS EVERYWHERE. It is a LITTLE bit pricey, but no more so than London. Thanks for having us Copenhagen, you are an absolute BABE.

Now, I’m off to sit refreshing the Ryanair website until next Black Friday.



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  1. Jasmin Charlotte

    February 20, 2016 at 11:24 am

    Ohh yes it looks like you had an awesome time!! We did really similar things, loved the meatpacking district, such good food there!

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